John Bolland – Publications

John Bolland has published short fiction, novel extracts and poetry in a number of magazines and anthologies.

His debut poetry collection – Fallen Stock – was published on 9th March 2019 by Red Squirrel Press.

The listing below provides a current list of publications. Thanks to the many editors and judging panels who have selected and published the work over the years and to the many friends in the writing community who have generously supported it through their comment and encouragement.

Selections from previously published work can be accessed through the Short Fiction and Poetry pages of this worksite.

The list below summarises work published to date.

Lament for the Children: Urlar, Dithis, Suibhal – Northwords Now, May 2021

How John Fell into the Fairy Glen  – In Spite of Knowing: poems on Addiction, Forthcoming 2021

Sunlight on Brass – In Spite of Knowing: poems on Addiction, Forthcoming 2021

Second Adolesence – Poetry Scotland #101, April 2021

The Poetics of Climate Change – Earthlines, Edinburgh Geological Society, forthcoming 2021

Forecast – Earthlines, Edinburgh Geological Society, forthcoming 2021

Worst Case Scenario, Climate Matters, Riptide Press, November 2020

At Desolation Point, Postbox Magazine No. 4   September 2020

So much for the Stag, The Song: Poems of Biblical Theophany, Tapselteerie, March 2020

On a broken tooth, Causeway 10.1, May 2019

Fallen Stock, Red Squirrel Press, March 2019

Shapeshifting: Theoartistry Poetry as Theological Action Research, Kimberly Jane Anderson and John Bolland, Open Cultural Studies Vol. 3 Issue 1 February 2019

Obedience, Poetry Scotland 100, September 2018
The Gweed Shepherd, Causeway, May 2018
Karst, The Interpreters House 66 October 2017
Funerals, From Glasgow to Saturn 39, October 2017
The Type & Retention Bonus, Pushing Out the Boat 14, April 2017

Three North-East Vignettes, Pushing Out the Boat 14, April 2017
Thin Ice, Aiblins-New Scottish Political Poetry, Luath Press, October 2016
My Father’s Hands, Open Mouse, April 2016
Fifty Dollar Oil, The Poets Republic, Issue 2, Winter 2015
Splendour, Open Mouse, October 2015
Returning to Assynt, Thinking of Arizona, Northwords Now Issue 30, Autumn 2015
Late again for the poetry breakfast and On the track to Elphin, Pushing Out the Boat 13, 2014
The Doe, Pangea (An Anthology of Stories from Around the Globe), 2012
Paraphernalia, Pushing Out the Boat 9, May 2010
Like Labrador, Journeys, Lemon Tree Writers, May 2009
A Moment Out of the Wind & Vantage Point, Glencanisp , Poetry Scotland 60, 2009
At the Spittal of Glenmuick, Pushing Out the Boat 8, May 2009
Going On, Pushing Out the Boat 8, May 2009
Scottische , Fish Anthology 2008, July 2008
A Chocolate Cowboy , From Glasgow to Saturn 10, April 2008
Line of Sight – Excerpt from a novel in progress , Lallans Number 71, February 2008
The Ethics of Prosthetics , Red Wheelbarrow, November 2007
A Good Place to Get , The London Magazine, June 2007
The New Ploughed Field, Pushing Out the Boat 6, May 2007
The Truth about Harry, The Tide Breathes Out, Sept. 2006
Monster Dressed as Monster, Snacks After Swimming, June 2006
This Promises to Keep Gubbins, Poetry Scotland- Open Mouse, November 2005
Loch Culag, The Glasgow Seeker, January 2005
Brown Sugar , September 2004
The Celebrant and the Celebrated, The Glasgow Seeker, January 2005