Was a busy month. I haven’t been as attentive to this blog as I ‘should’ be…but, at my age, perhaps ‘should’ is a threadbare verb.

I’ve been very busy progressing two on-going projects.

Bass: a novel I started 12 years ago and, thanks to generous critical support from Martin Walsh, Mandy Haggith, Rae Cowie, Ashley Milne and especially Mary Armour, seems to be progressing towards a final-final draft.

Pibroch : a spoken word performance/ poetry collection for which I should acknowledge the support of Imogen Stirling, Hamish Napier, Aileen Ackland and Elizabeth Rimmer.

This has been a weird year (I am sure for all of us) but the opportunity to focus, at this point in my writing journey, on large and (I hope) important projects has been a blessing. As has the continuing support of such as rich and insightful variety of correspondents and critical friends.

Yes: perhaps these close ties would not have been forged in these unusual circumstances. But the power of these artistic friendships at this time has been invaluable.

Thank you all!

Some of the elements of Pibroch got their first ‘outing’ as part of the Geological Societies ‘Geopoetry 2020’ event this month. My thanks to Patrick Corbett, Norrie Bissell and all the other organisers. Sneak preview on @geolsoc YouTube channel 1hr 45m. Comments very welcome.