Spoken Word, Film and Performance

Pibroch is a poetry collection and spoken word performance which explores parallels between the Climate Emergency and the Piper Alpha disaster which occurred in the North Sea in 1988.

As a former oil & gas worker and current climate activist, I was struck by a mutual failure in compassion as oil and gas interests continue to pursue catastrophic projects whilst some climate activists seemed not to empathise with the experience of workers in these industries who were, in the case of Piper Alpha literally, trapped on a burning platform.  We are all, currently, trapped on this burning platform – and, as in 1988, we are continuing to pump hydrocarbons into the flames.

Pibroch is a one-person spoken word performance with accompanying music and visuals.  The run time is 45-50 minutes.   The pressures of the last year have, however, driven the piece to be far more digital that might otherwise have been the case and it will be suitable for streaming as an installation as well as a performance.

There is a complementary collection currently in preparation. Publication of Pibroch by Red Squirrel Press is expected in 2021.